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Customer Testimonial...Andrew Paul Simon

IMG_0571 Andrew Paul Simon, an aspired talented young drummer who has been playing drums since 15 years old (and now he is 18 years old). He has been (and still) a loyal customer of Concerto Music since the year of 2008. And now to something he has to share with us about his drumming journey and his experience with Concerto Music:

He has been an enthused drummer since 15 years of age and was inspired by splendid drummers around the world – namely; Zachary Farro (better known as Zac) from Paramore, Nathan Young of Anberlin and drummer from Panic! at the Disco, Spencer Smith. Since then he started exploring his interest in drumming especially finding his best playing cymbals. He started exploring brands of cymbals, like his very first piece was set from Zildjian (ZBT cymbals Set), and add on K-Custom 14” Crash. Late he went wild a little bit more by going for 20” Zildjian A-Custom Projection Crash and Bosphorus Cymbals. But not until 2 years ago, he found his “love” of life by getting know (and fall in love) with Meinl Cymbals. His very first Meinl cymbal was Meinl 15" Byzance Traditional Medium Hi Hat Cymbals. He then further pursuing his Meinl exploration to 21” & 22” Byzance Medium Ride. He describes the Meinl Byzance’s series as offering him the “Crispy knocking sound” and that has helped him finding the kind of drummer he is aspired to be – a Hardcore rock drummer. How is that? Meinl Byzance has allowed him to go wild with his sticking and drumming style as he can hit harder than he used to be and enjoy every bit of the projection of the sound.

Well, with all his exploration of Meinl Byzance, he satisfyingly got all his source of the products from Concerto Music (exclusive dealer of Meinl; you can check them out at and , which he describes as trustworthy bunch “product specialists”. He was first introduced by a friend (who was a long time customer of Concerto Music), which his first impression was…”This people are a good people who know their stuff”. That has makes him choose Concerto Music as his place to get his music gears (not only cymbals, it is more – trust me, it was more than cymbals ^_^). Andrew most memorable experience with Concerto Music is; when he got his 22” Byzance Medium Ride got cracked after a few knock (of coz of which he purchased from Concerto Music). He went back to Concerto Music and informed them about the situation, of which Concerto Music has helped he got an exchanged with a new piece (which that 1 piece flew all the way from Germany) with not much of question asked. He was fully impressed and satisfied with the terrific after-sales service as compared to other music instrument store (even the bigger stores). That incident has proved to him that he has made a right choice by dealing with Concerto Music for more of his gears requirement. Overall, he has satisfied in both price and service with Concerto Music, as how he can put into one line to describe Concerto Music – CM provides excellent product knowledge and good follow-up service.

Now that is one satisfied customer =) Since then, Andrew not only a loyal and good customer of Concerto Music, he is a good friend to people of Concerto Music. Indeed Concerto Music has been praised by Meinl (German) itself by being an inspired exclusive dealer in Malaysia, you can check it out at

You can check them out at or call them at 03-6275 9331/email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it